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“How to Dramatically Increase
the Percentage of Auditions You Book”
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Learn How to Catapult Your VO Business to Another Level
Hello, fellow voice over artist!
Would you like to dramatically increase your audition to booking ratio?

The “secret” is to deliver GREAT auditions. 

 Or as you’ll hear me say . . . “There are no auditions, only performances!” 

Well sure . . . you know that . . . but the challenge is HOW to deliver that GREAT read… that PERFORMANCE that books the job.

Picture this: I wave a magic wand and you’re 50% better at auditioning. How does that feel? Would you be more confident when you get on mic? Would you land more jobs?

Uh . . . Yeah, of course you would!

Well, I’m not going to exactly wave a magic wand . . . but I will help you dramatically improve your voice over skills!
I’m Dave Fennoy.
And I’ve been a full time voice actor for more than 25 years. Perhaps you’ve even heard of me. 

I’ve played characters on more than 200 video games and numerous cartoons. . . 
Voiced hundreds of commercials . . . 

I’ve Narrated programs for Nat Geo, Discovery, and Science Channels . . 

Been a Promo Voice for ABC, CBS, The WB, Soapnet, and Starz . . .

Dubbed “THE HULU GUY”, The voice of Hulu for 7 years . . .

I’ve been an “In Show Announcer” for The American Music Awards, The Trumpet Awards, The Teen Choice Awards, Later with Greg Kinnear, The National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, and for 15 years, the VOG for The NAACP Image Awards. 

And I’ve taught private lessons, workshops, and classes at SAG/AFTRA, AFI, and for various studios and VO groups in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and even London.
Here’s What I Did at the Event:
I put together a small group of voice actors . . .

No more than 12, for a “master” class designed to help you:

* Understand various kinds of copy
* Develop your “self-directing” skills, 
* And drastically improve your reads.

It was a 4 week class, 2+ hours each session, on 4 consecutive Monday nights.

Each night, every student who attended read twice and got my PROFESSIONAL feedback . . . and feedback from their participants.

My copy? Sure? 

Their copy? Some of them went that route!

The single biggest key to improving the number of auditions you land is learning how to as I call it: “Take the words off the page!”
What Others Say About Dave’s Teaching
Here’s What You’ll Learn
When You Get the Videos:
  • 1.  Eliminate “Ready Reads”
  • 2. Master being “Conversational”
  • 3. Learn the secrets of voicing different Genres 
  • 4. Find your Money Voice
  • 5. Quickly understand any piece of copy
  • 6. Learn to Self-Direct
  • 7. Drastically improve your booking rate.
Observing this 4 week course you’ll learn a MASSIVE amount about how to do your reads. 

How do I know? I’ve seen a bunch of other students of mine who have had huge breakthroughs after watching the videos. 

How Much?
This class will cost you just
An incredible value!
Why? To be honest, it’s great for both of us. You get the training and at some point you may attend a live event or do some one-on-one coaching with me.

It’s a win-win.
Watching these videos, you’ll learn a lot by just watching and listening to others.
If you get just one or two more jobs, the class will pay for itself.

AND, the ideas and techniques you'll pick up, you’ll have forever. How much do you figure that’s worth? 

My guess? a LOT!

Why Wait?

I know you want to book more jobs and make more money as a VO artist. 

When I was in your place, I felt exactly the same way.

What I found was the only way to improve my skills was to get a coach.

One problem. Coaching is very expensive for personal (one-on- one) training.

Not this time. I’ll share with you VO success secrets from my more than 25 years of voice over experience.
Why not join me?
When Can You Get Access to the Videos?

I’m looking forward to helping you catapult your VO career to a completely different level.

Prepare to DRAMATICALLY improve your performances and turn your auditions into bookings.
I look forward to working with you!

All the Best for Your VO Success,
Dave Fennoy
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